a campus ministry

of the presbyterian church (usa)

Mission Statement:

We are a progressive open and affirming community of Christians committed to loving God and others in a messy and complicated world.

Our mission is to foster a diverse and inclusive community where students can explore their faith through honest conversation, experience it through spiritual disciplines, and live it through radical service.


College can be a confusing and overwhelming time. Exposed to new ideas, people, and experiences, it can be difficult to know who you are and what you think and believe.

UKirk provides students with a safe place to lean into these challenges in order to use them as an opportunity for transformative growth.

We believe that doubt, uncertainty, and asking hard questions are an essential part of the spiritual life.

Honest to God, our flagship ministry, meets once a week to wrestle with life’s big questions and help students make their faith their own.


Faith, of course, is not just about ideas, about what you think and believe. Far more importantly, it’s a relational experience, and UKirk Cincinnati is committed to providing students with the opportunity to personally encounter God through spiritual practices like prayer and meditation.

We aim to connect contemporary experience to ancient tradition. Spiritual formation is just as important as spiritual education.


UKirk Cincinnati is deeply committed to social justice.

Our primary goal is to live out our faith through lives of radical love and service.

We believe that God is a God of justice and that the Christian life is all about faithfully enacting this justice here and now.

While our first two core values of exploration and experience are essential, we believe that God is ultimately found through action, through solidarity with the suffering, and in the fight for justice in their local communities.

In response to our commitment to justice, we accepted the PC (USA)’s invitation to become a Matthew 25 Campus Ministry committed to the compassionate service of people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned, and poor.

We are particularly passionate about dismantling systemic racism. Anti-racist work is at the center of our identity, education, and our activism. Click here to read the official UKirk National Statement on Anti-Racism.

We are a committed “green” campus ministry, nurturing an eco-friendly culture that incorporates a deep care for the environment and animals, alongside our focus on justice, compassion, and nonviolence.

We are not only concerned with racism, poverty, sexism, and homophobia, but with issues like climate change, environmental justice, and animal rights. Read More


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